What we do

We build lots of different types of web applications but we specialise in on-line automated licensing. Our applications are built using our tried and tested set of components that when put together give you the solution that fits your needs exactly.

Licence Applications

Via desktop, tablet or mobile get your customers to enter their licence requirements and present to them all the appropriate pricing options on a clean and simple website

Pricing Management

Manage all your pricing data with back end tools designed to fit your pricing model

Payment Integration

Integrate easily with your chosen payment providers so your customers can pay for their licences on-line. Use stored payment tokens to automatically renew licences or refund your users if they cancel their licences


Manage templates for all your communications and licences. Create different templates for email, post and SMS

Systems Integration

Send and receive data to and from your existing systems and keep all your data in sync


Build in scheduled tasks to automatically send reminders to your customers when their licence renewals are due. Send via Email, SMS or to a printer


Back-end reporting so that you can keep tabs on all your licensing activity


Manage your business workflow with back end tools that support your existing business processes


Allow your customer services team to impersonate your users and help then finish their application and pay for their licences on-line


Canal & River Trust
Britten Pears Foundation
Waterside Moorings
Faber & Faber
Music Sales
Faber Music

Our Work

Here's a small sample of some of the projects we've done