The Client

Waterside Moorings has been set-up by the Canal & River Trust to market and sell the 3,600 moorings that they manage across their network

The Brief

Waterside Moorings had an existing site that was difficult to navigate, users could not easily find the moorings they wanted and there was limited functionality with which to sell and market their moorings. As a result of this they were not getting as much income as they could because of under occupancy at a large number of their mooring sites. They wanted a new website that would solve the website problems, increase the occupancy levels and maximise revenue from all their sites.

The Solution

We worked closely with several different members of the Moorings team, including the Mooring Managers who would be main users of the back end admin system, to develop a site that solved all the problems inherent in the old site. We improved the auction process so that users could easily bid on and view the progress of moorings sold by auction.  We added modules to the backend so that Mooring Managers could easily update all the data related to the sites and moorings they managed so that they could market them much more effectively and give users the most up to date information. We integrated with Google Maps to create a geographical search so that users could find the moorings they wanted with a simple one box search.


Waterside Moorings saw an increase in sales of 50% over the 6 months after launch compared to the same period for the previous year. This was a huge success for the Moorings team – the key reason for creating the site was to increase sales and this was achieved immediately. We are continuing to work with Waterside Moorings to develop the site further and to offer even more functionality for boaters.